Our Story

In an increasingly generic, reshared, repeated and retweeted society, we’re all searching for identity. But there is still one medium that delivers that sense of self-expression and individuality we’re looking for - the tattoo. 

We’ve all felt that lightning bolt when we see a tattoo that really speaks to us. And the feeling you get when you’re wearing the right tattoo… that you’re embracing yourself and showing the world a small insight into who you are. 

This is the idea behind Helmsman Traditional. We take that feeling of individuality and identity you get from a tattoo. And we translate it into quality headwear with soul. We’re so much more than a hat with a logo. We’re about making yourself heard. 

Our influence lies in the tradition of nautical tattoos, and the romance and legend that surround them. We’re captivated by the storytelling behind the authentic maritime tattoos; the journeys, the aspirations, the loves and the losses. These bold designs lend themselves perfectly to the simple cap, creating a unique and head-turning piece of modern apparel.  

Helmsman Traditional was born out of the 2020 lockdown, when we were all seeking our own path to freedom. A group of artists, business people and dreamers, we decided to take this concept and turn it into a reality. Two years later, we’ve rolled out our first line. And we have new product releases scheduled every two weeks, indefinitely. 

We may be small now. But we have big ambitions. Join us on our journey.